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Strathcom Media Lights up PanEx 2013

Last night, the Strathcom team – led by rock star presenter Cindy Eisman – presented the Market Platform (our new back-end set of dealer tools) to a panel of leading user experience experts in Edmonton’s PanEx event.


We already build our tools based on direct input from dealers and we welcomed additional input and validation from some of the most badass third-party experts in the industry.

What did the panel of experts say?

  • “This is a great design; it feels like I have been using it for a while now.”

  • “I had to be hyper nitpicky to find anything to improve.”

  • “It’s great. [It has a] very, very sophisticated design and [is] user-friendly.”

Market Platform Demo

User experience is important. When we set out to build a vehicle management system for Canadian car dealers, we knew it had to be as easy to use as it was functional.

The Market Platform is far more than a simple vehicle management system. It already incorporates the following features (and there is much more on the way):

  • Market Pricing Tool (Market Fresh)
  • Appraisals Tool
  • Lead Management
  • Group Inventory Tools
  • Negative equity Tool
  • Reconditioning Tool
  • Loyalty Tool

The Market Platform system is powered by one user name and password and integrates with all major DMS providers. That means it can communicate with other systems that you are using in your dealership.

Simply put, it reduces time and effort spent managing inventory at your dealership and eliminates many unnecessary errors.

Market Platform Demo

What is PanEx?

PanEx (Panel of Experts) is a night where local developers and designers are given an opportunity to showcase their talents and present their websites, applications or products to a handpicked team of Edmonton’s leading User Experience experts. These experts will critique, praise, analyze and assess, providing invaluable insight into how products can be taken to the next level.


Written by Duncan Cochrane


As President, Duncan Cochrane is the star quarterback of team Strathcom. Duncan has been in sales since he left university and has become a hardened veteran of the field with over 10 years of applied sales experience and 6+ years of experience in the dog-eat-dog world of advertising and marketing. He joined Strathcom with the change of ownership in November 2011 and has helped provide guidance and direction for the growth of the company ever since. On a day-to-day basis, Duncan oversees the sales, online marketing managers and training departments.

  • aaronfay

    Nice work Cindy! Rock on Strathcom…

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