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Strathcom’s New Look

If you blinked, you probably missed it. Strathcom’s website has donned a new look! Thanks to our web team for making the transition as smooth and clean as the new design. You may also notice a change in our logo. It’s all part of a slew of changes that Strathcom has undergone in the past year. With our entrance into 2013, we decided that it was time to change our branding to reflect our changes in ownership and match our ambitious goals for the future.

What has changed? We are a new company with new owners. Our business is now purely automotive-driven, and we now focus solely on the Canadian auto industry. Many of us have automotive backgrounds and have worked with auto dealerships in the past. The auto industry has always been the primary focus of our company and it’s time that every part of our business reflected this fact.

To advance this aim, we are launching The Market Platform with a projected launch date of spring 2013. This revolutionary new system will streamline inventory management while incorporating all of the services and features you need in one place. Our development team has been working long and hard to make this dream a reality. As a product that defines our company, we have incorporated it into our redesigned logo: Strathcom Media Market Platform: by dealers, for dealers.

We have also updated our packages to provide our clients with a superior selection of services that make it easy to select exactly what you need to get the best return on your investment. We are making your choices easier:  when you subscribe to our dealer website solution, you have the choice between the essential Core Package and the comprehensive Premium Package. We also provide websites for Independent Dealers and a large number of customizable ad-ons depending on your needs. Contact us if you have any questions regarding these changes.

There were also many changes for our company in 2012. We hired 30 new employees, added new departments including Video, Online Marketing Managers, SEO department, Dealer training and representatives in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. We also changed locations without breaking a sweat (or anything else in the process). We have changed. Our company is grown up, and our new look is representative of the new road that we are ready to take. We invite you to join us on that road.

Written by Michael Fisher

Digital Content Strategist

With a passion for everything automotive and an interest in online media & blogging, Michael Fisher has applied his love for the written word with a rewarding job researching and writing about cars. When he isn't fixing punctuation or tinkering with an obstinate sentence, Michael enjoys photography, art and backyard mechanics.

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