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Reflecting on 2012

“It was a very good year” … is that what Sinatra said? While I’m sure old blue eyes wasn’t talking about Strathcom Media Incorporated, his song is still a befitting ditty for us after a fantastic 2012.

When you consider the drastic changes to our company after the change of ownership in December of last year, things have not only “ticked along nicely” but have grown astronomically: in services provided, staff members and – most importantly – happy new clients.

In the transition we added three departments that didn’t exist in the “old Strathcom” including our team of Account Managers, our Training Department and our SEO Department, all of which have set us apart from the competition and have led to a slew of positive testimonials from both new and long-standing clients. With the amalgamation and additions in the design and programming side we experienced some inevitable “teething problems,” but these were minimal and our improvements in turnaround times are a testament to how we have overcome these challenges.

While the change of management and ownership were definitely a distraction, it was as if someone said “what else can we throw at Strathcom to really keep them on their toes? I know, let’s move the office location too!” And so it was that we moved to our new West-End office location. But was there even a blip on the radar? Thanks to the think-on-your-feet attitude of David Lord (with his official title of “Controller” never used so literally), and Strathcom Old-timer Troy Eberhardt, the move was seamless – at least to our clients.

All-in-all it was a very good year. So what are we looking forward to in 2013? Targets are high but attainable: an expansion to the east is on our to-do list, and with the launch of the new Market Platform it will surely be a challenging, rewarding and prosperous new year.

There will be new pressures and changes, of that there is no doubt. But at Strathcom we are ready and excited to take on the challenge.

Happy New Year from all of us at Strathcom Media! May yours be prosperous and full of new possibilities.


Written by Stuart Bendall

Director of Training

After a colorful career path including the British military, adventure training and hospitality Stuart has found a niche in the Automotive Sales industry, after eight years 'on the sales floor' and in internet sales Director of Training, Strathcom media was a natural and successful progression.

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